Coffin nails are no different than the normal nails, however, they got their name because of their resemblance to the coffin. They are as long as coffin and as wide as the one in nature, with the tight C- curved front, tapered sides and the straight free edge.

So, if you are looking for the nails this season, you can create one, according to your own choice and needs.

How to Get Coffin Nails:
To achieve coffin nails, all you need is to extend your nails with a regular square shape. After your nails gets a length of little extension, you need to file the corners down near the free edge to get the tapered shape.

Well, you can see number of inspirations for Ballerina nails your all around, ranging from Instagram beauties to your Hollywood divas. For getting the amazing ideas and creativity for such nails, you can check Instagram with the hashtag

However, if you are not a nerd of Instagram, I am definitely going to give you some amazing ideas to wear these amazing nail trends on the go. As in fashion, these nails looks great with the whites, nudes, reds, coupled with the gold and different colors. Matte and glossy nails are also seemed to be dominating the coffin nail trend. However, the choice of colors seriously depend on your suitability and look.

So, here, check our few great examples of the coffin nails, that you can have to nail your look, this season.

Are you looking for coffin acrylic summer nail designs? See our collection full of coffin acrylic nail designs for summer and get inspired! Click NEXT PAGE below to start browsing the gallery and happy pinning!

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