Caution: these exercise issues may damage your health

Besides a balanced diet, exercise is also a good method to support our health, especially when we are fighting with Coronavirus. To the people who live in the Northern Hemisphere, the temperature becomes warmer to meet spring or summer. Many of us may can’t wait any more to take a walk, run or go for an outing. Obviously, many people who wear face masks are running with their pets along the streets.

But notice wearing a face mask when exercise will make the breath more difficult, that will affect our physical power, this is counterproductive to our health. The worst consequence may cause sudden death! Moderate exercise is very important and necessary, but we need to do it in a scientific way carefully. As a result, running outside is not the best choice. From the internet, most coaches or famous people have shared many methods to exercise at home, such as Yoga, dumbbell, rope skipping, dance, etc. However, we still need to take care of some details when we do exercise at home.


  1. Preparation before exercise
  • Don’t exercise at a windtight environment. Otherwise, this will cause a series of problems like anoxia and dizziness. If the weather is warmer, remember to open the window.
  • Don’t wear too much or too little. Simple Yoga paints and a T-shirt could be a good choice. Make yourself feel the temperature, don’t catch a cold. It’s not good news during this special period.
  • Don’t overeat or eat nothing before exercise. Overeating would cause emesis, exercising with an empty stomach would cause hypoglycemia.


  1. Suitable exercise course

If you are expecting an ideal effect, a series of systemic courses that are suitable for you is necessary. Stick to the courses, don’t change another course frequently. Different courses have their focus, you’ll see your changes when you exercise for more than one month. And don’t only follow as short video around 10 seconds, most of them are scattered.


  1. Attention you have to pay
  • Warm-up exercise. At the beginning, have some easy warm-up exercise to wake up your body, and make it suitable to exercise quickly. This step can also protect your body from injury.
  • Stretching after exercise. When exercise finished, we need to relax our muscles. Especially the leg, rigid muscle will make our leg thicker.
  • Attention for muscle soreness. Normally, muscle soreness comes if you start to work suddenly, which will recover with 3~5 days. If it doesn’t get better after a week, maybe your muscles get injured, and you should see your doctor to check if there is any problem.
  • Enough water. After strenuousexercise, our body loses lots of electrolyte such as NA because of sweating. Professors advise drinking some salty water is helpful, and don’t advocate ice water that may stimulate our stomach. By the way, we need to drink slowly, if too much or too quickly, drinking water at this time would damage our health.
  • No cold bath. Especially in hot weather, most people may want to take a cold bath as soon as possible. We have to say it’sreally amazing after lots of sweating. But after that, kinds of diseases will become more interested in your body. The reasonable method is: take a rest after exercise, take a warm water bath to make your body recover as normal, finally an ice water bath.


Our goal is to make us stronger through exercise, associated with a balanced diet. So let’s move with a scientific method, don’t let your mountain in labor bring forth a mouse.












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