Regarding running, it’s essential to know these common sense

Running is one exercise that can be easily operated, cause it doesn’t need fixed space like the ball games. However, any exercises aren’t workable for losing weight or fitness unless they do as scientific methods. Today, let’s talk about some common sense of running.

Which type of persons are not suitable for running?

As we know, most people can run to strengthen the health or lose weight, except the people with the below symptoms:

  • The physical disabilities
  • The heart disease.
  • The viral cold.
  • The infantile diarrhea.
  • The high blood pressure.
  • The diabetes.
  • The toddlers.
  • During the female’s period. It depends on different physical conditions. We advise the Asian women not to run during this period and take about 3 days to have a rest. Later, walk or jog until this period finished.

Some necessary equipment

  1. A pair of comfortable jogging shoes. No matter which brand or style you choose, the shoes should make your feet feel comfortable. Don’t wear cloth shoes or leather shoes unless you want your feet to get injured. Meanwhile, the good running shoes should have the quake-proof function.

2. Quick-dry clothes. The experts recommend quick-dry clothes that are made of polyester. The cotton clothes are hard to release sweat.

3. A wind-proof jacket. In the cold weather, a waterproof jacket can keep you warm in case of catching colds.

4. Sports underwear. This is more important for the female. A nice training bra can help to avoid accidental exposure or injuries of breast.

5. The other accessories like sunglasses, a heart rate monitor, a headscarf, and a pocket. In my opinion, these are not necessities but would make you cooler and more professional.

The total procedure of running

  1. Warm up. It’s critical to warm up the muscles before running, which can remind the physical body to make ready for later exercises. Otherwise, sudden high-intensity running would easily damage people’s muscles.

  1. The force of different runway on the keen: grassland<plastic track< treadmill< tarred street. Running outside is the best choice cause there is sufficient oxygen. But take good care of your safety when running at night.
  2. Do remember to stretch correctly the muscles after running. It can help to release the soreness of muscles and make the total physical body relaxed.

How to prevent us from injuries?

Following are the main reasons of the common athletic injury:

  • Excessive exercises.
  • The wrong running track.
  • Don’t warm up or stretch the muscles correctly.
  • Wrong running postures.
  • Unsuitable jogging shoes.

If you get injured when running, please follow the RICE principle:

Rest: A few days’ rest can let the injury parts recover naturally.

Ice: Wrap the ice with a towel, then rub softly on the injured parts.

Compression: Tie up the injured part with a bandage, then fix the ice bag on the surface.

Elevation: Raise the injured parts above the heart to slow down the speed of blood circulation.

Besides the above tips, people should do some cross training when running. For example, swimming is one of the effective methods to release the pressure of joints, and Yoga can help to increase the elasticity of the body.

Start your jogging journey to get rid of the fatigue and pressure from daily life. If you can’t insist on it, always help yourself to find the reasons that you have to run once you want to give up. We collect some reasons as below:

  • Reduce the risks of cancer.
  • Improve physical health and intelligence.
  • Eliminate the premenstrualsyndrome.
  • Keep a nice body shape.
  • Release the pressure and anxiety.


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